Service Checklist:

1.  Check and change filters if provided by homeowner.

2.  Make sure the drain line is clean and free of any debris.

3.  Make documentation and log all electrical readings (volts, amps, etc.)

4.  Check refrigerant pressures.

5.  Check all electrical controls for proper functioning.

6.  Clean indoor and outdoor coils.

7.  Check fan and blower motor for bearing wear.

8.  Tighten all electrical connections.

9.  Check back up electric heat and log working conditions.

10.  Check defrost mode and functioning defrost components.

11.  Check gas pressures, flame consistency, flame sensor, and burners.

12.  Check draft motor for bearing wear.

Southern Homes Heating & Air, LLC. will service each HVAC system pertaining to your residence twice a year.  One service will be completed for the heating equipment only and one service will be completed for the air conditioning equipment.  These services will consist of cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining your equipment so that we can insure that you achieve the best performance and efficiency that your equipment is capable of producing for your home. As an annual service contract customer the benefits you receive are stated as the following:  $20 off of service diagnostics for the life of the contract and special 15% discount rates on all flat rate repairs.

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